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A3 Paper Size

What is A3 Paper

A3 is the standard paper size for all countries excluding Canada, the United States of America and some South American countries. A3 is exactly twice the size of A4 paper.

When to use A3 Size

The A3 paper size is predominately used to place large images, drawings, Computer Aided Design, architecture and other types of design based elements on to paper.

What Are The Differences Between A3 and Ledger Size

Ledger is slightly longer than A3 but not as wide as A3. Ledger size is used in Canada the United States of America and some South American countries. A3 paper is used in all other countries. Both Ledger and A3 are generally the same GSM(75-80 g/m2).

How Much Does A3 Cost

Just because A4 is more popular, does not mean A3 will cost less compared. In fact, most retailers sell A3 at almost exactly double that of A4 paper per sheet.

Differences Between A3 and Ledger Paper

While both A3 and Ledger are used to display large images and/or technical diagrams, A3 is slightly wider and shorter than the Ledger counterpart. If you’re from the United States, it’s advised you use Ledger. If you are from Canada or South America, you should inquire which size you should use. If you are from any other part of the world, it’s best to use A3.